Harvey Weinstein

Media Matters Defended Harvey Weinstein

Well there’s a surprise. Not.

Saunter through the archives of Media Matters and sure enough, there is the Soros-financed/Hillary-cheerleaders of Media Matters defending none other than sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

Back in 2014 it seems Harvey was embarking on a film project that would slam the NRA. Staunch NRA fan and board member Ted Nugent went on the attack. Media Matters headlined it this way: NRA’s Ted Nugent Compares Harvey Weinstein To Nazi Propagandist Goebbels 

Amusingly MM – repeatedly charged with anti-Semitism by critics like Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz and CORE’s Niger Innis – defended Harvey by saying he was Jewish. Nugent, in stark contrast, called Weinstein a “fat punk” which nowadays is one of the nicest things being said about Weinstein as all of his Hollywood friends – including the Oscar-giving Motion Picture Academy- seek abruptly to disown him for decades worth of being an A-list sexual predator. The latter an incensed actress Rose McGowan says “they all knew.” Literally Weinstein is being investigated by the FBI, Scotland Yard, the LAPD and the NYPD.

But the subject of a major media figure being a class A sexual predator with all of Hollywood knowing this oh-so-curiously never made Media Matters over the years. To the contrary, Weinstein was defended to the hilt, as in this headline: Fox Attacks Harvey Weinstein’s NRA Film With Barrage Of Falsehoods  

Media Matters idol Hillary Clinton took $$5,400 in the maximum campaign contribution from Weinstein, which, after being silent for five days, she said she would now donate to charity. But the Clinton Foundation has made it clear Weinstein’s $250,000 will be kept.

The question now? Did Media Matters defense of Harvey Weinstein come about because it was accepting Hollywood money? Recall that two of the major funders of Media Matters are the foundations of two Hollywood icons, Norman Lear and Barbra Streisand – both of them Hillary Clinton supporters. Or was the Media Matters defense of Harvey just related to the fact that Harvey was a legendary friend of both Hillary and Bill Clinton?

Either way the fact that Media Matters rushed to sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s defense says everything you need to know about how the corrupt-liberal-Hollywood-Clinton media machine works.