Harvey Weinstein

Media Matters Defended Harvey Weinstein

Well there’s a surprise. Not. Saunter through the archives of Media Matters and sure enough, there is the Soros-financed/Hillary-cheerleaders of Media Matters defending none other than sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. Back in 2014 it seems Harvey was embarking on a film project that would slam the NRA. Staunch NRA fan and board member Ted Nugent went on the attack. Media Matters headlined it this way: NRA’s Ted Nugent Compares Harvey Weinstein To Nazi Propagandist Goebbels  Amusingly MM – repeatedly charged with anti-Semitism by critics like Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz and CORE’s Niger Innis – defended Harvey by saying he was Jewish. Nugent, in stark contrast, called Weinstein a “fat punk” which nowadays is one of the nicest things being said about Weinstein as all of his Hollywood friends – including the Oscar-giving

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