Hillary and David Brock

Media Matters Covers for Hillary Uranium One Scandal

Call it another failed attempt at debunkery. Which is to say, Media Matters is doing the old fashioned deflecting routine popularly known as: “Look!!! A squirrel!” Once again the goal is to protect Hillary Clinton, with David Brock’s Hillary obsession once again overriding even the smallest shred of common sense. The blaring headline:  Study: Fox spent nearly 12 hours pushing the Uranium One pseudoscandal over the last three weeks Trump propagandist Sean Hannity led the

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Hillary Clinton

Media Matters Deflects from Uranium Scandal

Russia, Russia, Russia. Doubtless horrified at the sudden turn of the phony Trump-colluded-with-Russia “scandal”, to its horror Media Matters – the faithful Clinton guard dog – is now frantically trying to ignore the uncovering of the real Russian scandal. This one, of course, involving no less than both Bill and Hillary Clinton.  The barely suppressed hysteria that is engulfing what most accurately should be called CMM – Clinton Media Matters – began to be seen

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