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Media Matters Hiding Big Bucks From The IRS?

Where is the IRS?

Over time there has been one report after another of Media Matters founder David Brock playing fast and loose with the massive amount of left-wing millions flooding his various organizations. Time after time he is accused of money laundering.

Take this from Andrew Kerr of Citizens Audit. Brock is involved not only as the founder of Media Matters but his other, tentacle-style organizations that he either runs or has a role in include groups with names like American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, American Bridge 21st Century Super PAC (AB Super PAC), the Franklin Forum, the Franklin Education Forum , the Franklin Forum PAC and more. And more after that.

David Brock and Ex-Boyfriend James Alefa
David Brock and Ex-Boyfriend James Alefa

What has Kerr discovered with this plethora of Brock or Brock associated organizations. All of them conveniently located in the same place?

David Brock’s Media Matters Has Hidden $1,052,500 From The IRS Since 2010

Reports Kerr:

“His organization, Media Matters for America, has failed to report to the IRS over $1 million in sublet rental income from 2010 to 2014.

David Brock and his allies are most likely pocketing that money for themselves.”

Kerr has painstakingly combed through the tax filings for Brock’s octopus-style organizations.  He writes: 

Audited financial statements for Media Matters from 2007 to 2014 can be found in the Massachusetts non-profit document search database

…In comparison to Media Matter’s IRS form 990 annual returns, these financial statements provide much more insight into how Media Matters operates. 

By comparing these two sets of documents, we discovered how David Brock and his allies are pocketing sublet rental income.”

That’s right, Kerr quite specifically finds that:

“▪ Media Matters claimed to the IRS in 2014 that their total occupancy expenses in 2014 were $924,454.

▪ Media Matters claimed in their 2014 financial statements that their total occupancy expenses were $1,214,454.

Only one of these can be true.”

Of course.  And what does that mean? Kerr writes the obvious: 

“* Media Matters total occupancy expenses for 2014 were $924,454. 

  *David Brock and allies pocketed the $290,000 in sublet rental income for personal use.”

In other words? The founder of Media Matters has been hiding big bucks from the IRS.

Well aside from the questions of legality that swirl around these kind of Brock shenanigans there’s one more.  It’s called a question of character.