Hillary Clinton

Media Matters Attacks Hillary Critics – AGAIN

Newsflash: The sun will rise in the East today.

If there’s anything as regular as that prediction it is the utter predictability that if someone out there criticizes Hillary Clinton, Media Matters will jump to Clinton’s defense.

This time around MM is distraught because Sean Hannity had the audacity to say that President Trump’s criticism of the Justice Department for not investigating “Crooked Hillary” was right. The MM headline: 

Hannity: President Trump was right to call out the DOJ for not investigating Hillary Clinton and Democrats

Hannity, of course, is not alone in this. Fox’s Greg Jarrett said the same all the way back in May, leaving the Washington Post agog. The Post headlined: 

Amid Comey flap, Fox News anchor renews calls for special prosecutor — for Hillary Clinton

The Post story began: 

After President Trump fired the man heading an investigation into possible Russian election-meddling to help him win, Democratic legislators in near unison renewed calls for a special prosecutor to take over that probe.

But at least one news anchor is renewing another call for a special prosecutor — one that has largely not been heard since the election.

‘There should also be a special counsel appointed to re-examine the evidence in the Hillary Clinton case and decide anew whether she violated the law,’ Gregg Jarrett, a Fox News anchor and an attorney, said Wednesday.”

But even the Post can’t match the protect-and-defend Hillary obsession on such vivid display at Media Matters. Here is but a sample of how Media Matters protects its favorite:

Fox Anchor Criticizes The “Appearance Of Impropriety” While Admitting FBI Official Who Oversaw Clinton Investigation Did Nothing Wrong

Fox’s Herridge: “I Hesitate To Be Really Critical Of The FBI, But It Feels Like They Were Almost Stenographers” During Clinton Interview 

On Fox News, Clinton-Obsessed Lawyer Behind Benghazi Lawsuit Is Confronted Over His Conspiracy Theory Filled Past 

The “Gross Negligence” Claim About Clinton Emails That The FBI Specifically Rejected 

Right-Wing Media Accuse Clinton Of Playing “Race Card” For Supporting Expanded Voter Access

And on and on it goes.

Of particular interest is the sensitivity to the suggestion that an “independent counsel” like Robert Mueller be appointed to investigate the former Secretary of State.  Independent counsels, in the world of the Clinton defenders at Media Matters, are reserved for Republicans  – particularly Trump. 

But even more interesting? The most prominent Hillary Clinton out there at the moment isn’t Sean Hannity or any other conservative on Fox News or in talk radio. No, the most vociferous Hillary Clinton critic as of this moment is…..Donna Brazile. And Media Matters is uncharacteristically silent. 

Conflicted maybe? One can only imagine the internal Media Matter’s fretting. Do they attack Donna – or not?

Stay tuned!