Angelo Carusone

UNRELIABLE SOURCES: Angelo lies to CNN’s Brian Stelter

Apparently if you just look CNN’s Brian Stelter in the eye and lie, it’s no big deal. At least that appears to be the operating theory of Media Matters honcho Angelo Carusone. Appearing on Stelter’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning Carusone said this about his drive to terrorize Sean Hannity sponsors, as reported in Mediaite.  “When Stelter asked if he thinks it’s appropriate to ‘take away’ any commentator’s advertisers, Carusone actually said he doesn’t, but explained, ‘At some point, you are forced to do it’” Put aside the fact that Hannity is #1 in the cable war ratings and CNN would love to take him down. What is striking is Carusone’s implication that he is only doing it in this unusual case because, well, just this time “you are forced to do it”. This

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