Barbara Streisand

Media Matters silent on donor Streisand story of sexual harassment

Media Matters, which falsely advertises itself as correcting media untruths, is suppressing the negative news that involves one of its own quite famous liberal donors: Barbra Streisand.

Streisand, of course, is the Hollywood star and liberal icon whose Barbra Streisand Foundation is a serious donor to Media Matters. According to The Daily Caller between 2003 and 2012 (when the DC took a look at MM tax returns) the Barbra Streisand Foundation had ponied up $85,000 for the far left-wing MM.

Now, in all the ancillary stories flowing out of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein scandal, comes this news from the entertainment reporting site TMZ. The headline: SEAN YOUNG: STREISAND SHAMED ME FOR GOING PUBLIC With Beatty Harassment Claim

The story reads:

Sean Young “says she was the Rose McGowan of her day … getting shamed by Hollywood’s elite — like Barbra Streisand — when she dared to accuse Warren Beatty of sexual harassment.

Sean was on “Dudley and Bob with Matt Show” on KLBJ-FM in Austin Thursday and when they asked her about Harvey Weinstein … she remembered an encounter with Babs. The ‘Ace Ventura’ star said she auditioned back in the ’80s for a movie Streisand was directing. She claims Streisand ripped into her because Young accused Beatty of firing her after she rejected his advances.”

Now in the current state of sexual harassment news, this would be big, right? Media Matters, which has been inveighing against Bill O’Reilly for years and years if he drew a breath sideways has not failed to leap on the current spate of O’Reilly stories about sexual harassment.

But will Media Matters write up Media Matters donor La Streisand and actress Young’s allegation that she was fired by Streisand pal and fellow liberal Hollywood icon Warren Beatty because “she rejected his advances” as per TMZ? And that as a result of making that allegation against Streisand pal Beatty “Streisand ripped into her”? Not a peep from Media Matters about its famous liberal donor.

Note the pattern here.

One story after another tumbles out of Hollywood that it was an “open secret” that Harvey Weinstein was sexually harassing a long list of young actresses. And a check of the Media Matters website reveals that in all of that time the only stories about Weinstein that appeared on the site were positive, for example defending him when under attack from NRA board member and rocker Ted Nugent. Only after the deluge – when liberals in Hollywood were suddenly panicked into telling the truth – did MM suddenly start reporting the story.

Now comes this report from TMZ directly citing Sean Young’s story about Barbra Streisand. The latter just happening to be a Media Matters donor.

And not a word from Media Matters. All of which says everything you need to know about Media Matters and its relationship to the truth.

There isn’t any.