Hillary Clinton

Media Matters Deflects from Uranium Scandal

Russia, Russia, Russia.

Doubtless horrified at the sudden turn of the phony Trump-colluded-with-Russia “scandal”, to its horror Media Matters – the faithful Clinton guard dog – is now frantically trying to ignore the uncovering of the real Russian scandal. This one, of course, involving no less than both Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

The barely suppressed hysteria that is engulfing what most accurately should be called CMM – Clinton Media Matters – began to be seen after President Trump tweeted about the “deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia” and then said more of the same during an Oval Office photo op. 

Just how petrified the Clinton media watch dog is can be seen by visiting the Media Matters site, where it is frantically trying to blame – who else – Fox News while steadfastly ignoring the hard facts that have emerged spotlighting the involvement in this latest Clinton crony mess by both Clintons.

Ironically, the latest MM attack on Fox News is a shrieking headline criticizing network personalities for urging a version of what Media Matters itself does: namely, using force to silence political adversaries it doesn’t like.

Having long passed from the role of media critic to Leftist and Clinton bully boy trying to forcibly shut down conservatives, the bewildered David Brock and company are actually headlining this: 

Fox & Friends tells Trump how to use the Department of Justice to prosecute his perceived enemies

Steve Doocy: “If the president were watching right now … all he has got to do is call Jeff Sessions” 

The site then goes on to quote an appearance by Fox host and former judge Jeanine Pirro in which in lawyerly fashion Judge Jeanine says this: 

“Look, the big Russia story is the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton, because of her position as secretary of state, were able to cash in on one of the biggest and one of the largest scandals that involved the United States and another foreign country, which just happens to be Russia. Now, my understanding is it wasn’t $143 million. It was more than that that went from this Uranium One to the Clinton Foundation for the sale of our uranium to Russia. Russia now owns 20 to 25 percent of our uranium. Why is that significant? It’s significant because uranium is used to make a nuclear weapon. And don’t tell me it’s just nuclear energy. You put your foot on the gas pedal and you can make a real nuclear weapon.

All right. Now, what we have got is a person who ends up in a disclosure agreement, not able to talk about the fact that bribery has been going on, and Loretta Lynch calls them up and says, “Look, you can’t talk about the fact that the FBI was investigating Russia, and corruption, and kick backs all during the Obama administration. So, you’ve got money passing hands, you’ve got Bob Mueller as the head of the FBI, and you’ve got Loretta Lynch calling and saying, “You cannot talk about this investigation we were doing.” Hillary Clinton approving the deal. Hillary and Bill making money on the deal. And they are shutting down all of the information that we can get. Look, these people belong in jail. The evidence is there.”

Following Pirro’s succinct assessment of the blossoming real scandal with “Russia, Russia, Russia”, host Steve Doocy urges the President to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions un-gag the FBI informant whom Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch silenced, thus beginning to unravel the unsightly innards of yet-another serious Clinton scandal. 

Without a shred of irony that Media Matters was fine with the Obama Justice Department using its power to save its Clinton allies from prosecution. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, MM is horrified that what they cheered on is now coming back to bite Hillary and Bill. So the Media Matters strategy is to do a 180, and instead of cheering the Justice Department for using its power to protect the Clintons it now condemns TV hosts for urging DOJ to simply follow the law and conduct an honest investigation of the real Russian scandal – keeping the public informed through, yes, the media.

The hypocrisy here is, of course, enough to choke all the horses who compete for the Triple Crown. But the real lesson as one watches Media Matters get more frantic by the day over the emerging details of the real Russia scandal that now threatens their benefactors the Clintons is an old one:

Be careful what you wish for.