David Brock

Media Matters again with the double standard

The usual Media Matters double standard is flaring big-time again.

Front and center on its site is a story criticizing the conservative site Newsmax for thinking of hiring former Fox host Bill O’Reilly. MM takes umbrage at the charges of sexual harassment that resulted in O’Reilly leaving Fox. Says MM: “It’s unbelievable we have to say this, but it’s a terrible and morally bankrupt idea.”

This is a stunning comment from a site that is headed by David Brock, the famously Hillary Clinton supporter extraordinaire. Let’s recall that Hillary was accused by Bill Clinton’s female targets of enabling her husband’s behavior. That specifically includes Juanita Broaddrick who graphically accused the then-Attorney General of Arkansas of rape, Paula Jones, the state employee who accused the then-Governor of summoning her to his hotel room where he dropped his pants and told her to kiss it, and Kathleen Willey, who accused the then-President of groping her in the small hall next to the Oval Office.

In a 1998 interview Hillary said her husband’s accusers “would have a lot to answer for”  In 2016 Juanita Broaddrick  said this of the woman David Brock was so obsessively supporting. After Bill Clinton raped her, she says, she was at an event where Hillary was present. Fox News reported Broaddrick as saying this:

 “She comes straight to me and says to me, big smile, very pleasant voice, says to me, ‘I’m Hillary Clinton. It’s so nice to meet you. I just want to thank you for everything that you do for Bill’s campaign,'” Broaddrick said. 

At that point, she added, Clinton grabbed Broaddrick’s arm, pulled her close and said, “Do you understand everything you do?”

“I felt like at that moment, she knew everything and was saying, ‘You better keep quiet,'” Broaddrick said Thursday.

When asked why she didn’t go to the police, Broaddrick said of Bill Clinton, “He could close the doors of my business … He was the police.”

But Brock and Media Matters were so unconcerned about Hillary’s enabling of her husband’s sexual behavior that they wanted to make her not a television commentator for a liberal version of Newsmax. No, they wanted to make the Enabler-in-Chief the Commander-in-Chief…President of the United States. 

You might say of Brock and the Media Matters drive to make Hillary president that: “It’s unbelievable we have to say this, but it’s a terrible and morally bankrupt idea.”

But of course, double-standards is what Media Matters is really all about. Even a double standard   wider than your ocean of choice.