Kathleen Willey

Media Matters Attacked Clinton Sexual Assault Survivor

So in the middle of the 2016 campaign Donald Trump had the audacity to attack Bill Clinton’s propensity for sexual assaults. And Media Matters?

The ever vigilant Hillary obsessives leapt to point a finger at – people not running for president.
Well. That didn’t take long.

Now with Al Franken caught in the act – in a photo no less!- of groping a sleeping woman after a backroom attempt at outright assault, Media Matters, which still is silent on Franken’s assault, was out there taking on one of Bill Clinton’s assault survivors head on when she had the audacity to tell her story to Fox News. The very first line of the Media Matters story from back in 2014:

“Fox News will host discredited smear merchant Kathleen Willey tonight to attack Hillary Clinton.”

See how the game is played? Pick a Clinton survivor of sexual assault, stick the words “discredited smear merchant” in front of the survivor’s name and – voila! Another defense of the Clinton’s is underway for the Hillary obsessives of Media Matters.

But if a woman out there accused Roy Moore or Donald Trump? Here’s how Media Matters treats them in headline smear fashion:

CNN’s Symone Sanders shuts down attempts to question timing of Moore accusations

CNN and MSNBC highlighted Trump’s selective outrage about sexual assault while Fox News defended him

Fox regular claims the women who accused Trump of sexual assault aren’t credible

Sean Hannity’s extensive history of undermining women who report sexual misconduct and defending the men accused

Anti-LGBTQ hate group leader Mat Staver gives 13-minute defense of Roy Moore, attacks women

Talk about “selective outrage about sexual assault”? Media Matters is the home of selective outrage over sexual assault – and as that headline on Willey from 2014 suggests – they have been playing their sick game of selective outrage about sexual assault for years. They not only gave and still give a pass to the Clintons and the allegations of hanging with underage prostitutes hurled at New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez they have, as mentioned, managed to be silent still about Al Franken, with zero headlines about the photographic evidence of the liberal Minnesota Senator groping a sleeping USO companion.

But attack a Clinton survivor? The real question here is who is the real “discredited smear merchant”? Hint: It isn’t Kathleen Willey.