Senator Bob Menendez

Media Matters defended Menendez on sex with girls, plus Hillary

Sex with a minor is not just illegal. It’s wrong.

So too is rape. Sexual assault.

Then as the Roy Moore case unspools, it is reasonable to ask: Since Media Matters is giving these 38-year old allegations so much prominent play (and Moore denies them) – why did MM spend so much time defending Hillary Clinton – the enabler of Bill’s behavior that resulted in allegations of rape and sexual assault? And why the hasty leap to the side of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez – he too denying Moore-like charges of sex with underage girls.

What we have here is a massive hypocrisy. There is one Media Matters standard for Menendez and another for Moore. In the Menendez case Media Matters notes that in reaction to a story originating in the Daily Caller that said the Senator had paid young women for sex “Menendez has consistently denied the allegations…”.  So too has Moore, as reported here at ABC News.

“Controversial Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore denied a Washington Post report Thursday that he engaged in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl in the late 1970s, as prominent Republicans began to question whether he should remain in the race.”

So both men denied the stories about them. But Media Matters leapt to the defense of one – Menendez – and made a point to attack the Daily Caller which published the original allegation. 

And that’s before the needle spins over to the Media Matters relentless defense of Hillary Clinton’s enabling of Bill Clintons problems. There is Juanita Broaddrick out there with her allegation of being raped by Bill Clinton and threatened by Hillary Clinton to be silent about the attack – and Media Matters leaps to the defense of the enabler. Writing this:

“Right-wing media have bolstered Donald Trump’s campaign strategy of falsely claiming that Hillary Clinton has targeted women who have accused her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of sexual misconduct, in order to distract from numerous reports that Trump sexually assaulted several women. Multiple independent fact-checkers and media organizations have debunked the claims as unsubstantiated, calling them an ‘exaggeration too far.’”

To be clear, nothing in the charges of Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey about the Clintons has been “debunked.”

Media Matters is not some kind of “media watchdog.” It’s a Clinton guard dog that also protects any liberal who wanders into a minefield of self-inflicted damage.

All of which is exactly why Media Matters has developed such a horrific reputation.