Hillary and David Brock

Media Matters Covers for Hillary Uranium One Scandal

Call it another failed attempt at debunkery.

Which is to say, Media Matters is doing the old fashioned deflecting routine popularly known as: “Look!!! A squirrel!”

Once again the goal is to protect Hillary Clinton, with David Brock’s Hillary obsession once again overriding even the smallest shred of common sense. The blaring headline: 

Study: Fox spent nearly 12 hours pushing the Uranium One pseudoscandal over the last three weeks

Trump propagandist Sean Hannity led the way with almost three and a half hours of coverage

Notice the very first word in that MM headline? That would be: “Study”. And who did this “Study”? Some well-regarded foundation? A serious think tank? No, of course not. Read through all the fine print and it becomes clear that the group that performed the “Study” was none other than the Hillary-obsessed Media Matters itself.

Brock’s Hillary fan site than does an analysis of all the air time CNN and MSNBC have devoted to the bogus Trump-Russia scandal and….oh wait. That’s wrong. There’s no prayer of that. No this Media Matters jewel of distraction is focused on taking Fox News to task for actually reporting the news – serious news with real journalists that the rest of the pro-Hillary media simply wishes would go away. 

As would be expected, Media Matters bashes Fox. Brock once wrote an entire book indulging his rabid anti-Fox bias. But what’s notable in this easily debunkable piece of Hillary-obsession is that Media Matters takes after The Hill’s John Solomon. Why? Precisely because Solomon – a serious professional print media journalist has (with Circa colleague Sara Carter)  turned over one rock after another in the Hillary-Russia scandal. This inevitably has drawn the wrath of the Hillary fan club obsessives, and clearly they felt it was time to go after Solomon, whom they accused of feeding Trump supporters supposed “paranoia” about the “Deep State” – the latter the army of permanent bureaucrats inside the federal government who are deeply unhappy with a Trump presidency.

The charge of “paranoia” coming from Media Matters has a particular irony as the Daily Caller long ago published an in-depth look at the group that said this:

“ Sources back at the Media Matters offices describe an atmosphere of tension and paranoia. ‘Many of us lived in fear that at any point we could be fired,’ one said. Brock believed he had received credible death threats, and employed a two-man security detail, at least one of whom was armed and acted as his driver. A new security system was installed in his house. He became concerned that one of his bodyguards was plotting against him.”

Which is to say that Media Matters, where its staffers work in “an atmosphere of tension and paranoia” is accusing Solomon and others of stoking…paranoia. 

Clearly the Hannity/Solomon/Carter/Fox investigations into Hillary’s Russiagate are getting under the skin of her most obsessive fans. And it shows.