Hillary Clinton

Media Matters Attacks Hillary Critics – AGAIN

Newsflash: The sun will rise in the East today. If there’s anything as regular as that prediction it is the utter predictability that if someone out there criticizes Hillary Clinton, Media Matters will jump to Clinton’s defense. This time around MM is distraught because Sean Hannity had the audacity to say that President Trump’s criticism of the Justice Department for not investigating “Crooked Hillary” was right. The MM headline:  Hannity: President Trump was right to call out the DOJ for not investigating Hillary Clinton and Democrats Hannity, of course, is not alone in this. Fox’s Greg Jarrett said the same all the way back in May, leaving the Washington Post agog. The Post headlined:  Amid Comey flap, Fox News anchor renews calls for special prosecutor — for Hillary Clinton The Post story began:  “After President Trump

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