Barbara Streisand

Media Matters silent on donor Streisand story of sexual harassment

Media Matters, which falsely advertises itself as correcting media untruths, is suppressing the negative news that involves one of its own quite famous liberal donors: Barbra Streisand. Streisand, of course, is the Hollywood star and liberal icon whose Barbra Streisand Foundation is a serious donor to Media Matters. According to The Daily Caller between 2003 and 2012 (when the DC took a look at MM tax returns) the Barbra Streisand Foundation had ponied up $85,000

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George Soros

Media Matters: Hate Bucks for Hate Speech

In 2012, the Daily Caller took a detailed look at the funding of Media Matters for America. Among other things it reported this: “The list of Media Matters’ foundation funders, 120 in all, reads like a Who’s Who of the American progressive movement, including the far-left Tides Foundation ($4,384,702), George Soros’ Open Society Institutes ($1,075,000), the Ford Foundation ($966,466), the Sandler Foundation ($400,000) — endowed by subprime mortgage lenders Herb and Marion Sandler, who once

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Angelo Carusone

Media Matters Executive Wrote Racist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-‘Tranny’ Blog Posts

A top executive at Media Matters for America and the principal activist in the “Stop Rush” campaign made racist and anti-Semitic comments and disparaged “trannies” on a dormant blog that he wrote just several years prior to his prominent liberal activism career. Blog entries reviewed by The Daily Caller show that Angelo Carusone made derogatory remarks about ethnic groups and used language to insult “trannies” and ugly “gays” that would be considered hate speech by his own

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Thomas B. Hagen

Thomas B. Hagen, Chairman of the Board of Erie Insurance – American Bridge Donor

Thomas B. Hagen, Chairman of the Board of Erie Insurance, who gave $250,000 in total to support unAmerican speech suppression of any political view he disagrees with. If you are an Erie policyholder and would like to express their opinion about Mr. Hagen funding political speech suppression you can do so here (calmly and without animosity please): Media Relations (800) 458-0811, option 1, ext. 5758 or (814) 870-5758 Investor Relations (800) 458-0811, option 1, ext. 7312

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