Hillary Clinton

Media Matters and the Rot in Left Wing Politics

They love Bill Clinton.

They are obsessed with Hillary Clinton.

They could care less about Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones or Kathleen Willey who charged successively they had been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton (raped in the case of Ms. Broaddrick). And say that Hillary Clinton has enabled his behavior.

Search their names on the Media Matters website and up pops one Media Matters headline after another assailing these women. Headlines like these:

Right-Wing Media Bolster Trump’s Campaign Strategy Of Baselessly Painting Hillary Clinton As “An Enabler Of Sexual Violence”

Trump Lies That Clinton Intimidated Her Husband’s Accusers To Distract From Reports Of Trump Sexual Assault 

Right-Wing Media Echoed Trump’s Claim That Hillary Clinton “Attacked The Women Whom Her Husband Attacked” 

But Fact-Checkers Note That Clinton Did Not Attack Her Husband’s Accusers As Right-Wing Media Describes 

PolitiFact: Trump’s Claim Is “Mostly False” Because “In The Cases Of Alleged Abuse By Broaddrick, Willey And Jones, Hillary Clinton Was Largely Silent.”

And on and on goes the parade as Media Matters savages these three women who have made their charges in vivid detail with one, Jones, winning a legal action against Bill Clinton. 

Now comes Roy Moore and Media Matters is suddenly all in the alleged victim’s corner, attacking not only Moore but, of all people, Sean Hannity. The latter doing a hard hitting interview with Moore which even liberal commentators thought was tough and did Moore no favors, as Mediaite reported here.

The hard fact is that Media Matters has repeatedly attacked the women who accused the Clintons of either rape, sexual assault or enabling. 

Why would any decent person give a group like this money in the first place? 

The rot in left-wing politics continues to spread.